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As part of our mission to make the human rights space easier to navigate and accessible for everyone, this page is a collection of organizations that we feel are doing the human rights discipline justice.

Evaluating these organizations is quite difficult. Some have been around for a long time, some have been around for only a few years. Some of them are large, international NGOs, and some are smaller civil society organizations. As such, we do not and cannot endorse everything that these organizations and groups have done or stand for. That being said, we want to provide a space for everyone to explore the work that they have done and judge it for themselves.

One of our favorite organizations is the UC Berkeley Human Rights Center, which also happens to be a sponsor of The Rights Stuff. Many of our writers and editors work and first met in the HRC’s Digital Investigations Lab, which we feel does thoughtful, impactful, and important work.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are two of the leading human rights international non-governmental organizations. Though we feel they have significant work to do concerning their approaches and mentalities, they are excellent sources of content for contextual knowledge-building and for topic exploration.


Pro-Búsqueda — El Salvador

Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo — Argentina

Madres de Plaza de Mayo — Argentina

Cultural Survival — USA

Center for Justice and Accountability — USA