Our staff members are an enterprising group of writers who seek to uncover underreported truths about the complex geopolitical questions of the day. They are students from diverse backgrounds pursuing a range of majors, and represent different regional and theoretical specialties.

Content Writers

Kate B. Poblete

Sarah Siddiqui

Yeaye Stemn

Stephen DaiDiana 


Sarah Kadous
Pelin Ensari

Nadia Kazempoor

Erin Nolan
Catey Vera

Rose Schweis

Rina Rossi

Ali hasan

Wayne chein

Keerthana Ramaswamy

Emma LapinskyAndrea

Grace Moore

Isabelle Pack

Tompson Hsu

Sarah Jury

Karsen Paul
Alejandro Alvarez

Design Team

Hannah Lee

Anne Zhang

Alex Davies-Morris

Ella Suh

Samantha Andalon
Anna Ma

Business & Outreach

Ekansh Vashishth
Danielle Kappler
Ipsha Pandey

Web & Tech

Ola Alsaedi

Guest Contributions

Estelle Rai

Sonya Pendrey
Paloma Ramos

Stefanie Portillo

Viraj Desetty