A Statement in Support of Asian American communities

The Rights Stuff stands in solidarity with Asian American communities across the United States, in mourning of the recent hate crime that took place in Georgia, as well as the countless horrific acts of violence and murders towards Asian American communities that has surged during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It is clear that the violent incident in Georgia – where a majority of the victims were women of Asian descent – was motivated by anti-Asian racism, patriarchal violence, and fetishization of Asian women. This tragic event has brought to light multiple yet intersecting structures of oppression that are still very much entrenched within American society.

Moreover, hatred and racism towards Asian American communities has been immeasurable and deeply rooted in our country. Such hatred and racism in the United States has been harbored and upheld by numerous institutions in its history, including but not limited to: legislative policies, immigration, colonialism, media, concentration camps, political participation and socioeconomic mobility. While some historical examples of Asian American hatred has become more recognizable in popular and institutional discourse within the last few decades – namely the Chinese Exclusion Act, Japanese-American concentration camps, and violence against South Asian communities after 9/11 – we encourage you to educate yourself more on the extensive and painful history that Asian American communities have suffered through. We can even recognize disturbing rhetoric and policies towards Asian American communities within the institutions that we adamantly defend today. 

The Rights Stuff pledges to continue using its growing platform to draw attention to human rights violations and injustices towards Asian American communities, including on our website and social media. Please message us if you would like to suggest any stories regarding Asian American communities our platform should cover and bring awareness. 

The Rights Stuff is encouraging everyone to contribute, share, and access resources in support of Asian American communities. Please visit https://www.aapicovid19.org/resources and https://stopaapihate.org/ to access resources and support the fight against discrimination, hatred, and racism that Asian American communities have had to endure. 

In solidarity,

The Rights Stuff 

Staffers & Editors