Chronic Absenteeism on the Rise in U.S Schools During the Pandemic

It’s been nearly a year since the start of the pandemic. The world has had to adapt to the startling emergence of COVID-19 and its crippling effects. One significant consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the changes made to education: students at all levels have had their education negatively affected by the pandemic. The…

Slavery Is Not Dead: Remaining Hurdles to Abolishing Slavery in Mauritania

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights ostensibly eradicated slavery from the world in 1948 — and yet, slavery continues to abound in Mauritania, where large swaths of the Haratine minority are enslaved by the Arab-Berber majority.   According to recent estimates, nearly twenty percent of the local population — one out of every two Haratines —…

Democracy: a Possible Death Route in Laos

The disappearance of the LSMD student activists and Sombath Somphone highlight the horrific reality that voicing one’s opinion in Laos can amount to a death sentence.

California Mushroom Foraging Regulations: Impacts on Different Human Communities

Paul Stamets says, “more likely than not [psilocybin found in mushrooms] was pivotal in human evolution.” Mushrooms have surfaced in our art, religion, music, science, education, and pop culture. The ancient yet current relationship between mushrooms and humans is undeniable. Yet, current foraging regulations in California interfere with that relationship and discriminate against certain groups. Even worse, the restrictions are not based in scientific fact. Read this article to learn more!!

A Statement in Support of Asian American communities

The Rights Stuff stands in solidarity with Asian American communities across the United States, in mourning of the recent hate crime that took place in Georgia, as well as the countless horrific acts of violence and murders towards Asian American communities that has surged during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is clear that the violent incident…