To Write in Blood: Censorship of Journalists in Jammu & Kashmir

By targeting local media outlets who are the most equipped to report on issues with first hand experience, the free flow of diverse, robust information to other regions is restricted to a one-dimensional narrative that fails to acknowledge the legal rights of journalists and the rights of Kashmiri people as a whole.

To Educate a Nation

The Condition of Female Education In India India is home to over 23 official languages and 67% of the population lives in rural environments. These factors make it difficult for the nation to regulate various social sectors, especially education. Since its independence in 1947, the nation has worked to standardize education and make schooling more…

The Children Building China

China’s attempts to further cement itself as a global economic power have come with an exorbitant cost: child labor.

China’s “X-Files”

One of the worst events that occurred in 2019 was the incarceration of nearly one million Uighurs. In 2019, Chen Quanguo won the election as secretary of The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and the government created a new agenda- “The Strike Hard” policy. CCP began its crackdown on the region of Xinjiang in an effort…

Tricked and Trapped by the Kafala System

Disclaimer: With increasing reports in the Arabian Gulf, the situation of migrant workers is critical considering the recent COVID-19 global health crisis. The Gulf Cooperation Council countries host millions of migrant workers thanks to a booming oil-based economy, promising higher standards of living to expats compared to their home country. 88% of the Qatari population…